Thursday, October 29, 2009

The best card EVER

***This isn't the one, Duchess.***
I was appointed to look for some "elegant", blank cards to hand out to ballroom dance studio owners as thank you notes. (A SUPER long story, but in short: I grew up with ballroom dancing; my father turned pro. and has owned a studio since I was 7/8/something; preceding his mother's death, he has taken over Nana's dance competition which I and even my children now partake in heavily.......phew!) So I hopped on over to CVS. Having the attention span of a goldfish, I started looking at random thinking of you cards when I saw this gem.
Hands down, the best card ever.
Thank God for my quirky friends...clinically sane or not.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

ridiculously cute

I want him so badly! I'm not exactly liking the leash, but that's beside the point. Just look at him!!! Can you imagine seeing this everytime you had to go to work or anywhere for that matter? I would die. Aaaaand I would never be able to go to work.