Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Baked goods rock!

Around two years ago, I found the www.so-charmed.com/ site of a spunky, "Charm City" gal named Jodi Bloom. Her livelyhood seems to be charm bracelets. At one point, she displayed a new series of necklaces entitled "Let them eat cake". It was love at first sight on many levels. The tiny skulls sparked an interest leading me to learn of the lovely history of El Dia de los Muertos - translated as Day of the Dead, a beautiful Spanish holiday of which (most commonly) Mexicans celebrate in remembrance of their deceased loved ones. The guillotine, fork, and cake are used as cute, historical reference to Marie Antoinette. Pretty nifty, you say? That's what I think. Anyway, this was the first of my loves for miniature cakes, and from then on my search for more...began.

I was later directed to www.etsy.com/. This is a wonderful site dedicated to artists and their handmade crafts. What a wonderful place. It's kind of like Oz to me. With each item that an etsy seller posts, there is a materials: section. This, obviously, tells the viewer what supplies and/or materials were used to create the item. How nice. Thus, I found out about polymer clay...again. I mean, I used the stuff back in elemetary school, but I had no idea that it made one of my most desired sweet treats. I went to Michael's last week to get some. To my delight, the stuff was CHEAP! It was on sale for $0.99 a block. Lucky me. I gave myself $100 of my tax return to get some polymer, tools, findings, magnet stones, and other stuff to play with. I did try to be smart. They had every color of Premo in God's green earth. I bought my primaries, white, black, translucent, pearl, and about 5-6 funky colors that I wasn't too confident in being able to get from mixing myself. I spent $84 and some change in total. Not bad, if I do say so.

I did two projects this past weekend. The first was the chocolate & pink layer cake magnet. I made it for my sister, Lexi, as a "thanks" for keeping my two little ones overnight on Friday. She's turned into the "cool aunt" because she takes them to Chucky Cheese...whatever. I'm a cool mom too, without the Chucky Cheese factor. :)

The second is the "Cupcake Takeout" charm. I made this one for my close friend, Sadie, just because she is most awesome. My husband, Chris, said that it makes him think of the Cat in the Hat movie. I'm not sure why, but okay...to each their own. Everything is made of the polymer clay except the little sprinkles are glass beads. I painted a gloss on them both after baking, and Voila!

My next projects will be for my nephew. He saw Sadie's cupcake and loved it. He'll be 7 (or is it 8) on Cinco de Mayo - May 5th, so I figure I can make him three treats. I'm thinking a soccer ball cupcake, a bitten chocolate chip cookie, and I'm stumped on the third. His party is Saturday which means I've got to come up with something quick and get crackin'.

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Thanks for commenting on my photos. Glad you stopped by. I look forward to your posts. And I have been a pastor for about 30 years. My wife and I were actually married in North Carolina 30 years ago this month...kevin