Sunday, August 02, 2009

Somewhere over the rainbow

Grrr... this is not what I had in mind for posts this weekend, but I'm sure we all know what it's like for things to not go exactly as planned.

Regardless, these are some of the best photos of a rainbow that I have ever taken...composition wise that is. :)

On a serious note, how many of you have seen a complete rainbow - one that touches from one side clear to the other side? This is my first so , clearly, I was overwhelmingly anxious about getting as many pictures as possible.

That in mind, here is a quick Picnik collage of the incredible rainbow we had the other day. It was, hands down, the biggest I have ever seen in my lifetime thus far.

And check out the cottoncandy clouds that followed. Beautiful, right? God is goooood.

To continue the romanticism that goes along with rainbows, I would like to share the toast my father gave at my wedding. I hope you have some tissues handy....

Yep, that's me!!!

Please let me know if you cannot click to enlarge photos since this is very necessary for you to be able to read the toast.

Thank you, lovelies!!! xoxo


Widge said...

I love the collage!! rainbows are cool.

p.s gorgeous wedding pic xx

Nora Johnson said...

What a lovely collage & pics - especially the gorgeous one of you & the wedding toast! Rainbows are such beautiful phenomena. We get great ones here in Andalucia too - something to do with torrential rain mixed with searing heat!

Hope you're having a wonderful weekend,

btw you're most welcome to join the fun at our Awards party over at my place - copious champagne + some gorgeous men too... if they haven't all been already nabbed...! lol

Rose Red said...

Great photos! I don't think I have ever seen a rainbow that big.

That picture of you is gorgeous.

Laila Of Course! said...

Oh, that is such a sweet, sweet toast! It is so so lovely. Yes, I'm glad I had the tissues at hand. So adorable!

Thank you for that sweet note! I really appreciate it. :)


our little love nest said...

What an amazing rainbow. I love the photos and you look so so gorgeous. I wish I could grow my hair that long. Maybe one day. xo

Anonymous said...

Love the pics
Love the toast
You look beautiful!!!
got your email...hope to hear from you when the "time is right"
Sending much love and light

Duchess of Tea said...

The Duchess of Tea has bestowed a title upon you. Her Grace requests the honour of your presence at the knighting ceremony to be held at Rose Tea Cottage.

I will be honoured if you accept the award I am presenting to you by copy and pasting it on your blog.