Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Suprise!!! It's Tori.

Upside Down

Blood Roses
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NhYKex-j4_0 DIV

LONG TIME, NO SEE!!! To all those subscribers to this little blog of mine, thank you so much for hanging in there. I'm back...kinda. I've been dying to write to you all and share an abundance of stuff that has happened as well as things that I've sporadically stumbled across (inspiration wise).

Just to clarify, this is an insanely random post. A friend of mine posted a link (on *hack* FB) of Tori Amos "Love Song". This post sparked a flareup of memories.

As a young teen, Tori was one of the first artists that I really gravitated towards for not only her sound, but for her lyrics, her imagery, her reputation, her sense of self...all kinds of things! I adored her! Still do...just don't listen to her as much for some reason.

Anyway, I wanted to share some links of my personal fave songs. Most of them will be live versions for the simple fact that my daddy bought me a 'Tori in concert' on VHS. I fell asleep to this very show every night for nearly 2 YEARS!!! I loved is so much. It still hits me in that squishy place. I hope you enjoy. xD


Anya adores said...

LOVE Tori Amos and that fiery red hair of hers. She is great.
Great post.
A xxx

Charlotte said...

Glad to see you posting!!!