Monday, January 16, 2012

Word of the Year

The Lettered Cottage

When I came across this post, I was instantly stoked. I thought "FINALLY"!!!

I am one of those kinds of people that is in constant need of motivation & inspiration in order to feel I am even capable of achieving my hopes, dreams, wishes & goals. I have a tendency to have the greatest of intentions, start a new project/habit/resolution, then totally drop the ball.

That said, I am always searching for quotes and words that can sum up a feeling I have or want to have. I am convinced that these inspiring words of wisdom help switch my brainwaves around into believing I CAN be consistent, persistent, confident and downright ballsy with my way of life. Nonstop fear of change, the unknown, and failure can be utterly debilitating to someone with a low self esteem. Just sayin'...

The word that lept into this little pea brain of mine was INTREPID.

I would love for anyone that still reads this blog to consider choosing their own "Word of the Year" with me. Leave a comment so I can be nosy and take a peek at your choice. Good luck & BEST WISHES to living everday with this word in mind. Cross your fingers that I do the same. :)


Claire said...

Following you from Layla's party-glad to meet you-stop over for a visit!

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