Monday, June 22, 2009

R.I.P. Blue

These are two pics that I found from last year. We had bought this gorgeous blueberry bush, then killed it. We didn't mean to do it, obviously, but I'd like to try again. Does anyone have experience with these? I have had some success with plants. More with those that are self sufficient, but still success nonetheless.

So in memory she is in all her blooming glory. R.I.P. Blue. Better luck next time. :(


Anonymous said...

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Have a lovely week,

Alicia Lynn Carrier said...

i replied to your comment on my blog, but i just wanted to give you another heads up: i recently read "Real Food" by nina planck at the request of many of my blog readers, and it was seriously life-changing. you learn so much about foods you thought were unhealthy (like bacon) and i think it will help you lose weight. get it from the library! <3

and like i said, i lost about 40 pounds over the last year or so- it can be done! basically all i did was make some lifestyle changes- forced myself to start running almost every day, and started eating more whole foods, like whole grains, etc.- and incorporating MORE fat into my diet, oddly enough. i could ramble all day, but whatever. good luck!

In Bug's Drawers said...

It was a very pretty plant. You can always try again :)

Moonspinner said...

Hi, thanks so much for stopping by my place and staying.

Hope you enjoy it.

Was reading some of your posts, shame about your plant that decor8 site you mentioned is good, checked it out, thanks for link.

take care xx